Community involvement is a top priority of the Los Angeles Rams, and we have worked hard to develop strong initiatives dedicated to giving back to Los Angeles. The Rams' Community Outreach Team is working hard to create cornerstone programs to provide the greatest impact in the Los Angeles community. Each year, Rams Players appear at many community and corporate events. In order to properly review your appearance request, we ask that you carefully read and follow the information provided below.

General Player Appearance Guidelines
Each Rams player appearance should be meaningful and beneficial to all parties involved. To guarantee this, we ask that you send requests only for events that abide by the following guidelines:

Clearly defined role/activities for the player (i.e. speaking on a specific topic, conducting drills, reading books, etc.). Preference will be given to organizations that provide a meaningful, interactive role for the player, especially involving children

  • NO activities that may cause bodily harm or physical injuries to players
  • We recommend that your event NOT center on a player’s appearance, but that the appearance serves as a compliment to the event
  • When submitting a request, you must select a specific date for your appearance; requests with “open date availability” will not be considered
  • Ensure that the visit has the maximum impact possible, reaching the most people
  • NO Career Days (due to the small percentage that reach the NFL, these appearances are not practical)

Player Availability
Rams players are available for a limited number of appearances depending on the date of your request. Please consider the following when requesting a player:

  • During the NFL regular season (Sep. – Jan.), players are ONLY available on Tuesday, their only day off
  • Players are NOT available during the team’s bye (off) week or during playoffs
  • Players are NOT available 72 hours prior to a game or on game day
  • Players are NOT available during training camp (late July – Aug.)
  • Since many players live outside the Los Angeles area during the offseason, players have limited availability during the off-season (Feb. – June)
  • The Los Angeles Rams reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or replace a player for a confirmed event in the event of extenuating circumstances (i.e. injury, family emergency, team obligations, etc.)

Players will only make non-gratuitous appearances for non-profit organizations, schools and civic functions based on their availability. There will be a fee for all other appearances based on an individual player’s hourly rate.

Logo Use/Promotion
The Los Angeles Rams Community Outreach Team must approve any use of the Rams name, logos and trademarks and/or any advertising that implies the support of an event by the Rams. The confirmation of a player appearance does not grant the right to use the Los Angeles Rams name and/or logo to promote your event.

 **Appearance dates are subject to change based on football schedule.**