St. Louis Rams Donation Request Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the St. Louis Rams!

The St. Louis Rams value the efforts of area charitable organization and strive to help these groups make a lasting and positive impact on our community.  The Rams do so by providing to charitable groups more than 3,500 items annually, helping recipient organizations raise thousands of dollars through raffles, auctions and other fundraising endeavors.

Due to the large number of donation requests received by the Rams and the intention of the Rams to treat all requestors equally, the following donation guidelines have been established:

  • - To insure all groups and individuals are treated equally, faxed, e-mailed, “dropped off” or phoned requests will not be accepted. All requests must be submitted in writing, via United States post.
  • - Ideally organizations soliciting charitable donations should be located in the bi-state region within an approximate 120-mile radius of the city of St. Louis. However, exceptions may be made for requests originating from states that do not have an NFL team.
  • - All mailed requests must be printed on the charity's official letterhead and should be accompanied by a 501c3 or other letter indicating tax exempt status.
  • - Requests must include within the letter: the charitable organization’s primary contact name, primary contact’s direct working telephone number, mailing address (keep in mind we cannot always ship to P.O. Boxes) and the event date for which the item is being solicited. The event type and event beneficiary also must be indicated. Incomplete requests will not be fulfilled.
  • - Due to the tremendous volume of requests received by the Rams, please allow at least six weeks processing time for your request. Requests not allowing six weeks processing will not be fulfilled.
  • - Please understand request fulfillment is not instantaneous. Charitable donations mailings are done on a weekly basis and requests are filled sequentially, therefore a request made in May for a December event may not be fulfilled until October.
  • - If your request is rejected because it is late or doesn’t meet the location requirement, you will receive a letter informing you as such.
  • - While some exceptions to these general guidelines may be made, please understand some factors, such as low inventory due to the off-season, may limit exceptions being made.
  • - The Rams do not accept merchandise for the purpose of autographing for charity auctions or otherwise. Memorabilia sent In order to help the greatest number of organizations, each organization is limited to one donated item per year.
  • - Please understand your request may be fulfilled with a non-autographed item or items, ie: Rams goody bag for a trivia night, prom or graduation “lock-in” attendance prize.
  • - Due to the high volume of requests and limited available inventory, special requests for a specific player item or tickets are never guaranteed and are strongly discouraged.

All donation requests must be mailed to:

St. Louis Rams Community Outreach 

Donation Requests 

One Rams Way 

St. Louis, MO 63045

Due to the high volume of requests and limited supplies, special requests for a specific item or tickets are discouraged.

Ineligible Recipients:

The Rams do not provide monetary contributions or merchandise donations for the following:

  • - Collectors or individuals’ personal use or sale
  • - Businesses, retail and otherwise
  • - Capital campaigns/start-up funding for new businesses
  • - On-line auctions such as E-bay
  • - Chamber of Commerce/City/Neighborhood festivals such as homecoming celebrations and carnivals that do not directly benefit a charitable organization
  • - Class reunions
  • - Family reunions
  • - Pageant contestants (beauty and otherwise)
  • - Student ambassador/exchange programs
  • - Non-charity events and organizations such as company picnics, employee golf tournaments, employee recognition/incentive programs, card clubs, car shows, “poker runs” and organized adult leisure sports teams
  • - Children’s Research Hospital, March of Dimes and Make-A-Wish Foundation

Requests in support of these organizations may on occasion be declined as support may already be provided in response to direct contact with staff of the charitable organization.

The St. Louis Rams appreciate your attention and consideration of the guidelines listed above. For more information on the St. Louis Rams or the programs it supports, please visit the Community section of our website,,